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Eco Brotbox

Sustainable lunch boxes

ECO Brotbox stands for healthy food, well packed – good for the environment and good for health. And the boxes keep the food and drinks warm or cold.

ECO Brotbox was founded in 2014 by Mustafa, who grew up in the suburbs of Berlin, Germany. In his search for alternatives to plastic-free food containers, he stumbled upon steel lunchboxes. Even though steel boxes were used in certain parts of the world for many generations already, only few suppliers existed in Europe. Inspired by this concept he took the traditional old fashioned but healthy, sustainable and sturdy lunchboxes and developed them into the today high quality stylish looking bread- and lunchboxes in different shapes and sizes. 

Yasemin Schulz, the sister of Mustafa, out of the same need, looking for healthy choices of breadboxes for her kids, decided to bring ECO Brotbox to Norway. Passionate about the ECO Brotboxes, Yasemin enthusiastically advocates these sustainable and healthy lunchboxes here in Norway. Her goal is to inspire more and more people to switch to a healthy, sustainable and environmental friendly lifestyle. Because with ECO Brotbox it´s fun and easy to carry food and drinks without the unnecessary disposable packaging and the harmful substances.

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