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Hotels in Oslo

We don´t have any hotel deals, but we can recommend some cheap, clean and central:

Overnatting Oslo: Fom 250 NOK per night.  But you´ll have to stay least 3 nights. It is a new concept in Oslo and quite popular. Business people, people on the move or commuting people often prefer this place because it is cheap, clean and has no more than what you need. You can also cook your own meal in your (tiny) room and wash your clothes in the basement. It is about 2km from the 80km start, and about 3 km from the finisher area. 

Thon Hotel at Rozenkrantzgt: Hotel, including meals. If you book early you might get a room for under 800 NOK. Central, near finisher area.

Citybox: Simple, clean and cheap. Central, close to the finisher area ( about 600 metres)