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May 25th 2024

Trail 80 KM

81.7 km
7 AM
MAX 270
13h30m/ 8.30 PM
Ecotrail Oslo 80 km  is a full-blown trail in the heart of the Norwegian capital. You will have the chance to explore both urban trails and forest trails. The course combines dirt roads and technical trail. And some asphalt.

You will be taken through historical areas that are now used for recreation, such as picnics, swimming, fishing, walking, running and cross-country skiing, and they will see the heart of the city. 

After approx 30km from start you will have a panorama view over Oslo on the peak called Vettakollen.
A few kilometers further on you can be impressed by Norway most popular tourist attaction Holmenkollen ski jump.
Then further to Sørkedalen area, a valley with farmers. After the support station in Sørkedalen you have 10 km throug the forest to Fossum support station.
After Fossum you hit the Lysaker River, with technical trails. The last 10km is by the Oslofjord. Last 5km on asphalt.
The very last kilometer goes over the old fort called Akershus Festning and to finish at the pier called Vippa.
If wet conditions we recommend trail shoes. If dry, you´ll be fine with regular running shoes. Gravel roads, paths, technical paths and about 10 % asphalt.
View map on Strava or download gpx here.
  • Hønefoten water/sportdrink Frist station for 80 km, after approx 14,4 km from start.  Open 7:30- 9:15 AM . Water, sportsdrink
  • Support station Holmenkollen (same area as  50km start) after 33 km from start. Closing 12PM. Water, sportsdrink, fruit, sweets
  • Support station Sørkedalen (same area as 31km start) after 51 km from start, closing 4PM. Water, sportsdrink, bouillon, fruit, sweets and more
  • Support station Fossum (same area as 21km start) after 61 km from start. closing 5PM. Water, sportsdrink, bouillon, fruit, sweets and more
  • Water station Thaugland - for all distances - after 73 km from start, closing 7PM. Water, sportsdrink
  • Bygdøy - (no support) last intermediate for all distancesr (5 km before finish) closing 7.30 PM
  • Finish: 8PM. After approx 81,7 km from start. Water, sportsdrink and something to grab
  • SUPPORT: Within the support stations only. 
Practical information

Bib distribution at Anton Sport. For 80km-runners also at start. Please go to "Bib distribution" for further information.


Toilets. Urinal. Bib hand out. Luggage transport to finish area. 

At Vippa. Drinks. Meal. Medal. Luggage. Toilets. Results. Music. Bar. Bathing jetty. Great.


Start area
The start area is called Elgsletta Aktivitetspark. Google maps knows about it. Short walking distance from SAS Plaza hotel and Central station. The subway station "Grønland" is just 300 meters from start. 
Use the journey planner app called Ruter.



Mandatory Equipment

  • Your own drinking system
  • Minimum 0.3 l liquid
  • Nutrition
  • Mobile 
  • Proof of Identity
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