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May 24th 2025

Trail 21 KM Walk

21 KM
MAX 300
Updated info for the 2025 race will come in September. 
Below is infor for 2024.
Start 11:30 AM  @ Fossum Idrettsanlegg. 
PS! The food and drinks there are not for starters, but for the longer distances passing through. 
There are toilets in the starting area.
You can deliver a small bag at the start. Those of you who are super fast may reach the finish line before the the luggage arrives.
Any traffic also affect when the luggage arrives. If you are in a hurry, you should consider not sending your bag to finish.
Remember to bring your own cup, for example a foldable cup in your pocket.
No cups at finish either.
There is one support station, approx 8,5 km before Finish.  Water and sportsdrink from Fuel.
Support outside the station is not allowed.If you want to change shoes outside the support station, you can do so but then you have to bring the shoes in your back pack. No drop bag. 
Remember that runners are coming from behind, share the trails with them! If you are group, dont walk next to each on narrow paths. 
When you get to Rådhusplassen/city town hall, there is approximately 1km left to the finish line. It can be crowded there, it is important that you pay attention and that you follow the rule that it is not allowed to wear headset/music.
In the menu there is a link to the map, it is a good idea to look at it - then you are prepared! Otherwise, the trail is marked with white arrows (chalk on asphalt), signs and trail guards and, in some places, yellow-red ribbons.
There is water, sports drink and popsicles at the finish line + you can fill a snack bag with nuts etc.
Seed bag medal for everyone.
Otherwise, there is outdoor and indoor seating and toilets at Vippa. There are no showers for the public, but many people jump into the fjord :)
Best of luck to you on Saturday 25 May - we look forward to seeing you at the finish line! :-)



One of the most important goals with Ecotrail is to get as many as possible out in the wonderful nature that Oslo has to offer. Nordic Walking is the popular term for walking with poles. It is of course possible to walk the distance without poles, poles are NOT mandatory. 

The path follows the beatiful Bogstadvannet and Lysaker river. From Lysaker  you´ll walk by fjord all the way to the finish line. You will pass the wonderful Vækerø park and the country side of Bygdøy.

The last 5km by the fjord is on asphalt.

The very last kilometer goes over the old fort called Akershus Festning and to finish at the pier called Vippa.


See map on Strava or download gpx on this page.


  • Water station Thaugland - approx 8,5km before finish. - closing 7PM
  • Bygdøy - last intermediate for all distancesr (5 km before finish) closing 7 PM
  • Finish: 8PM

The Track

Practical information
Bib distribution at retailer sports store Anton Sport. Please go to "Bib distribution" for further information..
start area Toilets. Urinal. You can hand in a small bag/backpack at start. It will be safely kept and made available at the finish line. 
finisher area At Vippa. Drinks. Meal. Medal. Luggage. Toilets. Results. Music. Bar. Bathing jetty. Great.
Start area 21 km Walk
Public transport The easiest way is T-Bane (Subway) Line 2 to Eiksmarka station and continue with a nice warm up walk of less than 2 km to the start area. Address: Ankerveien 245. You can also go by bus to Fossum Terrasse, which is approx 200 meters from the start area. Plan your trip with Ruter.


Mandatory Equipment

  • Your own drinking system.
  • Liquid and nutrition for your own need. Minimum 0,7L from start.
Bring your own cup. No cups in the race, nor in the finish area.
Any question?
Go for it

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