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By participating in Ecotrail Oslo you are accepting the following:

  • You are participating at your own risk.
  • We do not refund your registration if you have to cancel the race. You can give away/sell/transfer your registration to another person, payment´s organized beween the two of you. 
  • We do not refund your registration if we have to cancel the race due to pandemic or other unforseen events. Your registration will be moved to the following year, and your registration will still have the options as above. 
  • We do not send out the bib, nor the finisher shirt, by mail. 
  • Stop at red light in the few traffic crossings during the race.
  • Look to left and right at all crossings. 
  • Our drink station policy and nature friendly rules as described on the Ecotrail webplatform. 
  • If you are seen throwing waste along the course, you become disqualified and kicked out of the race. 
  • Support outside our support stations is not accepted. 
  • We do not offer check points for "drop bag" during the race. 
  • Bib-number must be visible on your front, do not put in on your back.
  • Give the volunteers a smile, respect the nature and support your fellow runners.



  • A cup, bottle or soft flask or any other drinking system. Mandatory for all distances. We do not hand out cups at support stations or in the finisher area!
  • 10 km: The only distance where fluid is not mandatory from start, but if you are not used to a 10k without anything to drink, you should bring some from start.
  • 21 km: 0,3 litre. First and only drinking station is after 10 km.
  • 31 km. 0,3 litre. First and only drinking station is after 10 km.
  • 50 km: Minimum 0,6 litre with liquids +nutrition. First drinking/food station is after 17 km.
  • 80 km: Minimum 0,5 litre with liquids +nutrition. First drinking station is after approx 14 km. First food station is after 30 km from start.
  • Cash or visa, in case you get such a bad day that you have to step out of the race and find public transport to the finisher area.
  • Mobile and proof of identity. Mandatory for 50 km and 80 km.



Please note that any pictures from the race (it could be a photo of you) may be used by us for marketing purposes. If you do not agree, please inform us. This year, the German company Sportograf will have a team of 10 photographers. Remember to smile, it gives you energy!


Complete results with all intermediate times will be announced on our web site and in social media. Results published by



  • The 3 fastest runners in each class (men/women) on the 10, 21, 31, 50 and 80 km will get a wooden statuette/Ecotrail Oslo-logo. No awards in the Walk-distance.
  • Awards ceremony conducted continuously in the finisher area.
  • Medals handed out to all finishers at the finisher line.


Our top notch shirt is optional product - it can be bought at bib distribution. 

The organiser reserve the right to alter any elements.

Get news and updates on ecotrailoslo.comand 


Marit Karlsen, Race director