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80 km 7:00 AM
Time Limit: 13h30m
No earlier start. 

Please note: closing of Finish area starts 8PM, timing closes 8:30PM

50 km 11:00
31 km 12:00
21 km 12:00
21 km Walk 10:00
10 km


PS! Please note that the food stations in the start areas are reserved for those registered for the longer distances and who pass these stations. Please respect this :)

Start area 80 km - opens 6:15 AM

The start area is called Elgsletta Aktivitetspark. Google maps knows about it.
Short walking distance from SAS Plaza hotel and Central station.
The subway station "Grønland" is just 300 meters from start. 
Use the journey planner app called Ruter.



Start area 50 km - opens 9:45 AM
Start area in Holmenkollen. Subway Line 1 to Frognerseteren station.
Walk down approx 410 meters to start area called Thomas Heftye Villa.
See Google maps.

Use the journey planner app called Ruter.


Start area 31 km - opens 10:45 AM
subway Start at Sørkedalen Idrettsanlegg. Address: Heikampveien 960
First you have to take the subway to Røa T (subway station) (Line 2). 
Use the journey planner app called Ruter.
shuttle bus

Then Transfer to public bus number 41 to start area. The bus stops across the start area is called "Lokalet". 
Departs once an hour from Røa. Your subway ticket is valid on this bus! 

In addition to this public bus, we will have two shuttle buses betwen 10:00 – 12:00 - from the same bus stop as bus number 41. This bus stop  is called Røa Kirke, approx 300 m from Røa subway station. See map below.

Start area 21 km & 21 km Walk : Opens 9:15 AM

Start area at Fossum Idrettsanlegg. Address: Ankerveien 245.
The easiest way is T-Bane (Subway) Line 2 to Eiksmarka station.
From that station you will have a nice warm up walk of less than 2 km to the start area. You can also plan your destination to Fossum Terrasse, which is approx 200 meters from the start area. 

Use the journey planner app called Ruter.

Start area 10 km - Opens 11 AM
Subway Start area is at Sollerudstranda. Address: Sollerudstranda. Bus or train to Lysaker station. 700 m walk from the station to start. 

Use the journey planner app called Ruter.