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Questions about poles and the 21 km Nordic Walk

1:Is it mandatory to walk with poles on the 21 km Nordic Walk?
Answer: Absolutely not. 

2: I would like to walk with poles, can I rent or borrow from Ecotrail Oslo?

Answer: Sorry, we do not have this service.  You should try poles at a retailer, get the correct height and make sure you buy a pair you feel comfortable walking with. 

Will you mark the trail with flagging tape?

Yes, yellow/red flagging tape all the way +  white paint on the ground at crossings. In addition to this there will be signs at critical points. (New of 2019)

Race Rules in Ecotrail Oslo?

You MUST read the race rules here.  Or go to Race Rules and Awards via the link in the left menu (sub menu) here on our web site. 

Har dere førstehjelp ute i løypa?

Vi har to ambulansebiler fra Norsk Folkehjelp på vakt, med Fossum og Lysakerelva som utgangspunkt. Den ene vil fra utpå dagen ha base i målområdet. Vi varsler også Norsk luftambulanse om arrangementet. Ellers minner vi om at du deltar på eget ansvar, men om uhellet skulle være ute må du ringe telefonnumre som er oppgitt på startnummeret. Er det ikke bruddskader eller livstruende må du finne ut hvor nærmeste transportpunkt er. 

Is it possible to cheat in Ecotrail?

Start mat and crossing points/interims. If you are not registered at these, your finish time will be disapproved. 

Are the races accurate in distance?

We have tracked it with several devices. It will never be accurate, least not through the forests.

Do I need a medical certificate for Ecotrail Oslo?

No, you don´t need one in Oslo. You participate at your own risk! 

Can my friend pick up my Bib number.

Yes. Bring your start number. Before distribution we will send out a text message with your start number attached. if you dont receive this text, log in where you registered and get your start number there.