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Where do I log in to my profile?

User login is here. 

If you can´t find the confirmation email when you registered and don´t remember the email you registered with, get in touch and we will help you out.

Will the race go on as planned on May 29th 2021?

We are planning the event. Most likely there will be restrictions on larger assemblies, and we will set up starting pools. Please read important information about this here .

Can I ask for a refund?

The registration is binding.
You can give away/sell/transfer your registration to another person on your behalf. Payment´s organized beween the two of you. If you can´t travel in to Norway because of the pandemic, we will move your registration to next year. If so, please email us.
We do not refund your registration if we have to cancel the race due to pandemic or other unforseen events. Your registration will be moved to the following year, and your registration will still have the options as above. 

Am I registered for the race?

Go to Start List and type your name in search string. If your name doesn´t come up you are not registered, or you have spelled your name incorrect...


How to change your name or distance

Log in to your profile

Change/transfer name (free):
Click EDIT
Rename (and other info)

Change to shorter distance (free):
Click EDIT
Change the distance

Change to longer distance (payment required)
Write down the voucher code
Make a new registration with the voucher code

Questions about poles and the 21 km Nordic Walk

1:Is it mandatory to walk with poles on the 21 km Nordic Walk?
Absolutely not. 

2: I would like to walk with poles, can I rent or borrow from Ecotrail Oslo?
Sorry, we do not have this service.  You should try poles at a retailer, get the correct height and make sure you buy a pair you feel comfortable walking with. 

Will you mark the trail with flagging tape?

Yes, yellow/red flagging tape all the way +  white paint on the ground at crossings. In addition to this there will be signs at critical points. (New of 2019)

Race Rules

You MUST read the race rules here.  Or go to Race Rules and Awards via the link in the left menu (sub menu) here on our web site. 

First aid

We have two ambulances on duty, with Fossum and Lysakerelva as a starting point. And a first aid base in the finisher area.  Otherwise, we remind you that you participate at your own risk, but if an accident should occur, you must call telephone numbers that are stated on the start number. If there are no fractures or life-threatening, you must find your way to the nearest public transport. 

How will my time be registered during the race?

From the moment you step on the start mat and at crossing points/interims. If you are not registered at these, your finish time will be disapproved. During race day your beloved ones can follow you live online. We will publish this link in advance of the race.

Are the distances accurate?

We have tracked them with several devices. It will never be accurate, least not through the forests. The longer the distance, the more variations on participant´s devices...Normally 0,5 up to 3 km in difference for the 80km distance. 

Do I need a medical certificate for Ecotrail Oslo?

No, you don´t need one in Oslo. You participate at your own risk! 

Can my friend pick up my Bib number?

Yes. Before distribution we will send out a text message with your start number attached. if you dont receive this text, log in where you registered and get your start number there. Bring a copy (for example a screenshot on your phone) of your friend´s registration.