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The 2021 event will be moved to early August

Information will be sent out to all, and posted here as well. The date can not be announced yet, waiting for confirmation from several landowners. Hopefully the new date will be announced by the end of Tuesday May 25th PM. Please remember to check you spam box - there are hundreds of you who have not yet read emails sent out earlier in May. Check emails from both Ultimate Sports Service and Ecotrail Oslo. If you don´t want to receive emails it is still your responsibility to check in on this web site for information, always do that before you send an email, because most likey you´ll get an answer to your questions here. 

Registration is open, though.  In the meantime, remember to read race rules, frequently asked questions and other info here on this web site. The pressure is indeed heavy these days and it´s very hard for me to keep up with all the emails (it is so demanding that it has lead to inflamation in both arms). I know the pandemic is very frustrating for you too, and you have all my sympathy, but please remember to read this web site if you have any questions regarding your registration and the race in general. Thank you for understanding!

Kind regards, Marit Karlsen, race director