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Deadlines on May 1st

Labor Day may be good to remember. The bib numbers go into production on May 1st. We will print some additional anonymous ones for those who sign up late. If you want to secure a place and with your name on the start number, you should register before May 1st.

On May 1st the prices will increase as well!


May 1st is also the deadline for changing the distance. That is to say; it is possible to change the distance right up to the day of the event, but if you change after May 1st, you will not get a new start number. Example: If you were registered for 50 km and change to 80 km, you will be registered to start there, but you will be given your original 50 km number. And vice versa... You will of course receive a medal for the distance you complete.

If you are considering changing the distance, it is described how to do it under 
frequently asked questions/FAQ on our website.