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This is an important reminder reminder for you who have not yet entered the estimated finish time. We have sent out emails, pleace check your spam box - sender is Ultimate Sports Service/Ecotrail Oslo.
Here is the information that has been sent out by email: 

The deadline for this is July 20. If the deadline is not met, we must remove you from the start list. 
If you can not participate, we can move you to next year's event which is 28 May 2022. In that case, send an e-mail to with Move to 2022 in subject and your name and surname in the message .
The deadline for this is also July 20.

If you want to participate, you must enter the estimated end time by July 20:

This is done quickly: 
Log in to your profile, click "Edit" and select "estimated end time", click update.

NB! It is important that you are realistic. Do not choose less than 1h45 minutes in 21km if you know you are slower.
It is also not the case that the fastest pools necessarily start first.
The pools are set up with respect to the number in the finisher area.
PS: If you are worried that you can not start with your friends; those who specify the same end time start at the same time :)