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Important information about starting times

Due to the pandemic, starting pools will be set up. This means that you must take into account that your start time may be changed to an earlier or somewhat later one. 

In order for us to be able to set up the start times, we must first do a data analysis. We must therefore ask you to state your expected finish time. 

This is done quickly and must be done if you registered before April 12th. Log in to your profile  and select your expected finish time and click update. 

If everyone does this soon, we will be able to set up the start times. 
(If you have not yet  registered,  tick your finish time (mandatory) during the registration.) 

NB!  It is important that you are realistic. Do not choose less than 1h45 minutes in 21km if you know you are slower. It is also not the case that the fastest pools necessarily start first. 
The pools are set up with respect to the number in the finisher area. Thank you in advance for your help with this! :)