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Practical info about race day and bib distribution

Dear Ecotrailer,

Info has been sent out by email and text. Didn´t receive it? Not even in spam? Here is the same very important and hopefully useful information for you all.

Let´s begin with the starting times:

80km: 7 AM // Early start 6:15 if you need 12-14 hours.
50km: 11AM
31km: 12 PM
21km: 12 PM
21km Walk: 11 AM
10km: 12 PM

How to get to the start area:
On the website you get all the information you need

But first you have to collect the BIB and that takes place in Bogstadveien 2, Oslo, Anton Sport shop.
Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10 AM -7 PM. Saturday 9-11 AM.
Important notice: If you have changed the distance from or to 80km after May 1st, you must collect your bib by Friday 19th at 7PM.
Together with the bib you will receive an Ecotrail Oslo cup according to your distance.
It is foldable and after many years, when it is worn out, you hand it in for recycling.

Participant shirt in merino wool from Devold is sold at the bib distribution. If you want to buy it, it costs 300 NOK and is paid with Vipps or cash.

Support stations
Note that we do not hand out cups at the stations. You have to bring your own drinking system / cup (we just gave you for a reason).
On the website, it is described where support stations are, under frequently asked questions.
You can read more about what we serve at the drink stations and at the finish line, and why, on the website next week.
Trail map, gpx and marking
You don't need to run with a map, we mark the trail. But it's both wise and good for motivation to explore the trail map!
New maps and gpx have been posted under each distance on our web site. 
80km and 50km can wait to download gpx until  May 18.

For those of you who have run the trail before: there is a diversion over Akershus Fortress before the finish line.
BE AWARE: There is also a change at 5km before the finish, at Bygdøy. And 50km has got a new loop of 2km from the start!

The last trail inspection is done on May 17 and 18. We will post some photos and tell you a bit about the conditions then!
The Finish area
This year we are making a nice finish line, on the quay outside the Fishing Hall. That quay bit has been closed for a few years, but has now opened!

When you reach the finish line, there is a medal, water/sports drink, something to nibble on and luggage delivery.
The four longest distances that reach the finish line from around 2PM also get literally short-distance food; fish-cakes! :)
Top 3 award ceremony per distance men/women takes place continuously.
No shower facilities. But there are plenty of toilets at Vippa. And several good food stalls (not for free) where you can sit down and study the result list :-)

You  probably have more questions, and the answers can be found under Frequently Asked Questions,  Race rules and/or under other topics in the main menu.

And remember that there will be some posts under "News" next week. Please follow our Facebook for updates as well.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the start and finish line on Saturday May 20!
Best of luck :)
Kind Regards
Marit Karlsen
Race Director