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Trail movie night

Norway's largest ultra race, Ecotrail Oslo, teams up for a movie night.

Time and Date: 7PM, March 3rd
Location: Salt (A.K.A our finisher area)
Bar: Beer, glutenfree beer and mineral water.

What drives people to participate in ultra races, and why has "trail" become so popular?

We want to make the ultra environment visible, both Norwegian and international.

And then not just runners and adventurers, but also organizers and volunteers.

Because through running, connections are made to the local community.

After the movies there will be an Q&A with the first Norwegian ever to be participating in The Barkley Marathons, also known as the toughest and most outstanding race in the world. 

These are the films on March 3rd, licensed from Trails In Motion - The World´s Trail Running Film Tour:

Human Powered
Runtime: 24 minutes
Directed by: Matt Cecill
Produced by: Cecill Visuals
Language: English

Country of origin: Canada


Every year, trail runners from around the world line up to test themselves at the grueling Finlayson Arm 100km on Vancouver Island. Human Powered looks beyond the finish line, into the community of dedicated volunteers who bring this event to life.

Coming Home
Runtime: 24 minutes
Directed by: Ryan Scura + Dylan Ladds
Produced by: Dooster
Language: English (with a heavy Irish accent at times)

Paddy O'Leary grew up in Wexford, Ireland, but didn't discover his love and talent for running until he moved to San Francisco. Now, he is returning to Ireland to take on the fastest known time on the self-navigated 115 kilometer Wicklow Round, and to rediscover his home through the lens of running.


Runtime: 18 minutes
Directed by: James Q Martin
Produced by: Merrell / Q Media
Language: English

On the surface, Anna Frost looks like a competition-driven elite ultra runner having won some of the hardest races in her sport. One would probably think the desire to win is what drives Anna to trail run. To her, trail running is a gateway to connection. Connection to nature. Connection to community. And ultimately, connection to the self. The film will get viewers stoked to learn more about the fabled, “Frosty” yet she is about to go through the hardest challenge of her life, Motherhood.

LEADMAND | The Dave Mackey Story
Runtime: 24 minutes
Directed by: Billy Yang + Matt Trappe
Produced by: Nine Mind / Billy Yang Films 
Language: English
Country of origin: USA

Former Ultrarunner of the Year, Dave Mackey was revered for his toughness well before May of 2015. After a serious trail running accident lead him down a difficult road to recovery, he is back and taking on one of the most grueling tests of endurance, the Leadman — 5 events spanning just 2 months, with the legendary Leadville 100 Mile Ultramarathon as the grand finale.