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What shoe to choose?

It depends on the distance you have signed up for.

And the weather conditions, and not to mention the ground conditons! 


If you're going to run 10km, you don't need mountain shoes. The 10K has gravel and asphalt. All of the Ecotrail Oslo distances ends on asphalt the last 5km. 

Otherwise, 80km, 50km, 31km and 21km have a mixture of dirt road, asphalt, trail and  technical. If it is dry, it is perfectly fine to run with a "road oriented" shoe.

If it is wet, a sole that provides grip is recommended. 

Many ask if it is allowed to change shoes during the race. As long as you carry the shoes yourself in your bag, you can change whenever and wherever you want. There are no drop bag points. You have to carry the shoes all the way.
If you want friends to hand over, it is only allowed at the drink/food stations. It is only legal to have any form of support within the drink/food stations.

We have a shoe partner and they are called Hoka. So all text below goes under "advertisement".
But the two guys who work with the Hoka shoes in Norway are excellent runners themselves (and incidentally winners of our 50, 31 and 21 km)

They say that their recommendations below will actually apply to most distances. But if the conditions are dry, you can perhaps allow yourself to choose a bit more road-oriented, especially at 10km.


Tecton X 2 / Tecton X is their top recommendation. And then they add a couple of other options that might be relevant:

Tecton X 2 / Tecton X
Here you get a shoe packed with features that are perfect for the Ecotrail. A well-cushioned but responsive midsole will take good care of your legs whether you run long or a little shorter. The sole has 4 mm Vibram Megagrip studs that ensure good grip on the trails. In addition, this shoe has carbon plates, which will both protect and give you a very good response in the stride. The upper provides good foot support and there is plenty of room for the toes at the front of the last. This shoe was used by the winners of both the 50km and 31km last year, so no doubt this is a good choice for the Ecotrail. You can buy this shoe at Anton Sport during the start number distribution!

Mafate Speed 4
Well-cushioned trail shoe with a responsive midsole. With this shoe, you are guaranteed a very good grip during the race, and can be a sensible choice if the conditions are wet/slippery. A robust shoe that will take good care of your legs if you run one of the longer distances!

Speedgoat 5
Solid and well-cushioned all-terrain shoe with very good grip. The Speedgoat is a real workhorse in the terrain, and will be a good choice for you who put comfort and stability on the trail first and foremost. The shoe is so well cushioned that it will cope well with the transport stage for the last few kilometers on asphalt, even if it is a mountain shoe.

Torrent 3
Do you want a slightly lower shoe and more contact with the ground? Then Torrent 3 is a good choice! Here we have a light and flexible shoe with a responsive midsole and you get good contact with the ground on the trail. Perhaps particularly relevant for the slightly shorter distances.