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Hot in the city

A few hot tips for Saturday  and the 26 - 30 degrees celcius

1: Lubricate some vaseline over the eyebrows, in order to avoid sunscreen and sweat into your eyes.
2: Bring a sponge or cotton buff. Wet it at water sources along the course and cool down your neck. 

It is not dangerous to run under high temperatures – as long as you listen to your body.

Physiologically, the body is affected by the heat in many ways. The heart is working more to get blood out to the muscles. And to the skin to increase sweat production, which is the body's cooling system. Your feet can swallow and get blisters and blemishes. We recommend shoes that are half a number too big. The other is stomach problems that many experience under high temperatures.

The most important thing to think about on Saturday is not to get dehydrated, neither drink too much. 
How much to drink per hour?
Someone manages to exaggerate the fluid and energy intakes, usually those with less running experience. But far more becomes dehydrated. And for most people, it's not enough to trust their thirst. (Check urine, if dark you are most likely dehydrated) 
We give a general advice of 2 dl x 3 (possibly x4 at high temperatures) per hour. What is problematic with giving general advice is that there are relatively large individual differences, but the literature also shows that most people are having trouble with more than 5-8 dl per hour. We do not recommend more than that.

Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in long distances
Some medicines bind fluids and interfere with body temperature regulation. Normally we have a body temperature of 38-38.5 during a run. However, if you take NSAIDs, it may increase further, and at worst it may be life threatening. In the least doubt about the medicines you are taking, ask your doctor.


- At start 80 km.
- At start 50 km / food station for 80 km
- At start 31 km / food station for 50 km and 80 km
- At start 21 km / food station for 31 km, 50 km and 80 km
- At start 10 km / crossing point for other distances
- By Bygdøy sea side, passage for all distances (two municipal toilets / Hibas)
- Finisher area, Salt.
Otherwise there´s a Norwegian wood….
And when you finally reach our great finisher area you can jump right into the fjord. #Oslove. 
We are looking forward to seeing you!