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The heat is on! Temperature from 2pm on Saturday: 25+
Running in these temperatures is almost a guarantee for blisters and other pains, stomach issues as well. 
If you have experienced blisters during a race in high temperatures: Remember to put on i.e compeed and protect your toes - before you start.
Also remember to bring some toilet paper, just in case. If you think the sports drink is too strong, thin out with water. Too much sugar/strong sports drink can cause stomach problems/diaria. 
But you need sports drinks, it contains natrium, magnesium and kalium. Deadly important minerals which get transported out of your system through sweat. Ultra runners are racing for several hours.
For the vast majority of people, it is not enough to trust their thirst. Regardless of the level, it is important to drink some water after 20 minutes from the start, so that the stomach gets used to absorbing liquid and nutrition.
A general advice is 2dl x 3 per hour. Possibly 4 at high temperatures.
The problem with giving general advice is that there are individual differences, but the literature also shows that most people do not need more than 0.5-0.8 dl per hour.
If you drink much more than that per hour over several hours, in the worst case you can get hyponatraemia (over-drinking).
But far more people become dehydrated in races, and in a race like ultra and Ecotrail Oslo, which is not a traditional race with drink stations every 5 km, dehydration is a much greater probability.
Before the race: we are not camels, so no need to drink more than normal before the race. Then you will just loose salt through your peeing. 
Fill up your own desired drinking system before you leave home on Saturday morning. No access to water in starting areas. And remember that Ecotrail Oslo is a race with no cups at all.
Also, put extra bottle in the bag that gets transported from start to finish, so you can drink a little before the start, as well as have something to drink when you're going home totally exhausted. :)
Take time to drink and fill up at the stations, you will quickly make up for this later on in the race!
Go to your distance via the menu, scroll down and read what your mandatory amount of liquid is from start! 


Best wishes,

Marit Karlsen,

Race Director