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The race is August 7th

Dear participant,
The opportunity for a race on May 29 was kept open for a long time. It was an approved and well thought out plan to carry out the race in a safe and sound manner with pool starts. Unfortunately, the announced reliefs for the reopening phase concerning Oslo does not make it possible.


The following information is sent out to all current participants for the original date May 29th (remember to check your spam box):
If you can make it on August 7, just keep on training. Your registration is of course still on!
If the date doesn´t suit you, send an email to In the subject write "Move", and in the message your name as in the registration. The deadline is May 29. I will look you up in the system and move your registration to Saturday 28 May 2022. There is no refund this year, as described in race rules. Everyone who chooses to move their registration to next year will receive a confirmation. Note that the deadline is May 29.
Remember that you can also give away or sell your start number. It is a simple process and explained in Frequently Asked Questions.
Arranging a different and multi-distance race like Ecotrail Oslo is based on dedication, joy and positive energy. But this has been exhausting. Each individual move requires a lot of administration. But most of all, I have my sympathies with 3000+ participants who are disappointed. In short, there are hundreds of you who reach out to me by email and phone. It’s not that I don’t want to hear from you, but I kindly remind you that there is a website with frequently asked questions that concerns both your registration and the race in general. The less email I receive, the greater event can be made. The website is frequently updated with correct information. Also keep in mind that the web site is the main platform, not Facebook or Instagram. 
As a little compensation, a registration is set up for a virtual race on May 29.  Everyone who is currently registered for the ordinary race May 29 will therefore receive a free code that you use to sign up with. If your friends want to join you for the virtual race but not registered for the ordinary race, they will have to pay NOK 50 to sign up for the virtual race. 
Virtual Race registration link:
An explanation of how to upload your virtual race will be posted on this web site, under FAQ.
Finally:  Hopefully we will see some light at the end of the corona tunnel on August 7. There will be freshly baked buns from Baker Hansen at the food stations and water and sports drinks. And a lovely opportunity to jump into the warm August fjord at the finish area, which is also an unique culture and music arena with green thinking bars and food trucks. 
Hang in there – and have a nice weekend!
Kind regards
Marit Karlsen
Race Director