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Training with Didrik Hermansen

Didrik Hermansen is in the top of the international ultra running league. He has 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in credible races such as Transgrancanaria and Western States. He won Ecotrail Oslo 80 km 2017, he ran as fast at 6h15m and has the course record! He is awarded as the best runner in Norway for the third year in a row. He will run the 80 km in Ecotrail Paris and Ecotrail Oslo 2018.

Didrik has put together a 26 week training program for our participants. This program is in Norwegian only, and for Norwegian weather conditions (from cold winter season to spring). However, if you still want to check it out in Norwegian, you can download it as pdfs. Download them from our Facebook-group, or cantact us if you are not on Facebook and we´ll email them to you.